006 Fedora 12 MediaCheck


Fedora 12 MediaCheck


   After Media check finish check and verify Fedora 12 installation disk, then Media Check program ask if you want to test additional installation media... if you want to test another Fedora 12 installation disc, hit the 'Test' button to start checking the new Fedora installation disk.  To proceed with Fedora 12 installation... select the 'Continue' button and hit 'Enter' key.


Fedora 12 MediaCheck Screenshot

Fedora 12 MediaCheck Screenshot

====|   Media Check  |====

If you like to test additional media, insert the next disc and press "Test".  Testing each disc is not strictly required, however it is highly recommended.  Minimally, the discs should be tested prior to using them for the first time.  After they have been successfully tested, it is not required to retest each disc prior to using it again.


Action:  Select the 'Continue' button and hit 'Enter' key to proceed with the installation process...