015 Fedora 13 Create Partition


Fedora 13 Create Partition


   This configuration screen show type of installation what you like for you system.... its quite confusing base on the word "type of installation" itself... but this installation configuration screen only ask you where to place your entire Fedora file inside you system and how Fedora going to create partition on your hard disk.  This screen show the list of Fedora 13 create partition option and the default option is on "Replace Existing Linux System(s)" and it is the quite save option because the Fedora installation setup only use your existing Linux partition to put new Fedora 13 filesystem... but if you already use entire system hard disk, you may need to use "Shrink Current System" option to make space for your Fedora 13.  This step by step Fedora 13 installation going  to use "Replace Existing Linux System(s)" on this step by step installation procedure.


Fedora 13 Create Partition Screenshot

Fedora 13 Create Partition Screenshot

Fedora 13 Create Partition

Which type of installation would you like?

Fedora 13 Use All Space  Use All Space

Remove all partitions on the selected device(s).  This includes partitions created by other operating system systems

Tip:  This option will remove data from the selected device(s).  Make sure you have backups.

Fedora 13 Replace Existing Linux System(s)  Replace Existing Linux System(s)

Remove all Linux partitions on the selected device(s).  This does not remove other partitions you may have on your storage device(s) (such as VFAT or FAT32).

Fedora 13 Shrink Current System  Shrink Current System

Shirinks existing partitions to create free space for the default layout.

Fedora 13 Use Free space  Use Free space

Retains your current data and partitions and uses only the unpartitioned space on the selected device(s), assuming you have enough free space available.

Fedora 13 Create Custom Layout  Create Custom Layout

Manually create your own custom layout on the selected device(s) using our partitioning tool.


Fedora 13 Encrypt system  Encrypt system

Fedora 13 Review and modify partition layout  Review and modify partition layout


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