018 Fedora 10 Software Package Selection for Installation


Fedora 10 Software Package Selection for Installation


   Then the screen show the option for the software packages that you want to include on the Fedora 10 installation.  Make note that you also can install these Fedora 10 software package letter.  Select the software option from Office and Productivity software package , Software Development packages and Web Server software packages to include on the installation process by tick on the checkbox provided.  Before you tick the Fedora 10 - i386 and Fedora 10 - i386 - Updates repository and add the additional software repositories... please confirm that you have network connection to internet.... otherwise please make sure that you tick only the Installation Repo repositories.  Click on the radio button that say Customize now to select and choose more software package to include in the software package installation.


Select Fedora 10 Software Installation Packages

Select Fedora 10 Software Installation Packages

Screen:  Fedora 10 Software Packages Selection

The default installation of Fedora includes a set of software applicable for general internet usage.  What additional tasks would you like your system to include support for?

Fedora 10 Office and Productivity Select check box Office and Productivity

Fedora 10 Software Development Empty check box Software Development

Fedora 10 Web Server Empty check box Web Server

Please select any additional repositories that you want to use for software installation.

Fedora 10 Installation Repo Select check box Installation Repo

Fedora 10 - i386 Empty check box Fedora 10 - i386

Fedora 10 - i386 - Updates Empty check box Fedora 10 - i386 - Updates


You can further customize the software selection now, or after install via the software management application

Customize later radio button Customize later       Customize now radio button Customize now

Click 'Next' button to proceed