036 Fedora 13 Firstboot Configuration


Fedora 13 Firstboot Configuration


   The Fedora 13 Firstboot configuration welcome screen.  This FirstBoot Configuration screen kick in only on the first boot of Fedora 13 after the installation process completed. The Fedora 13 Setup Agent (FirstBoot Configuration) process, enable you to do some basic configuration of Fedora 13 system before we log in on the Fedora 13 system for the first time.  The screenshot below show first screen of Setup Agent FirstBoot Configuration process for Fedora 13... click on the 'Forward' button to proceed with the Fedora 13 configuration process.


Fedora 13 Firstboot Configuration Screenshot

Fedora 13 Firstboot Configuration Screenshot

Fedora 13 Configuration


There are few more steps to take before your system is ready to use.  The Setup Agent will now guide you through some basic configuration.  Please click the "Forward" button in the lower right corner to continue


Action:  Click on 'Forward' button to proceed with Fedora 13 configuration process