Add Software in Fedora using Add/Remove Software.


Install or Add Software in Fedora using Add/Remove Software Package Manager.


  After installing and running Fedora, you might want to install additional software to the system.  The article below show the step by step to add software or install software in fedora using Add/Remove Software package manager.  Please note that to add software to the system you need to have the root password or log in as root in the system.


1.  Click on the Fedora Application menu bar, and then click on Add/Remove Software.

Fedora 8 Add/Remove Software


2. The Package Manager window appear, on this window you can tick to select the software package. 

Fedora Package Manager


3.  The example below show that if you click the right mouse button the menu box appear.  On this box, you can choose to Select, Select all optional packages, Deselect or Deselect all optional packages available.

Select all optional packages


4.  After click the Select all optional packages on GNOME Desktop Environment, all of 45 of 45 optional packages selected and then click the Apply button to start the installation process..

display all software package selected


5.  The Package Selections windows appear, the Package Selection display the details of selected software that we select earlier.  Click on Continue button to proceed.

fedora software package selections details


6.  Click on Import Key button to import the Fedora pki software key.

import fedora pki key


7.  Then the Updating software massage box appear and display the progress bar of installed software.

update software  update software bar completed


8.  If no error on the installation process, the Software installation successfully completed massage box, should appear to notify that the software installation is finish without any error occur. Click the Ok button.

fedora software installation successfully completed


9.  Then we get the Package Manager window back and you can continue to install other software package.  To quit the Add/Remove Software (Package Manager) just click on menu, File -> Quit.

install other fedora software???


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