031 Fedora 10 License Information Agreement


Fedora 10 License Information Agreement


   The Fedora 10 License Information screen.  This screen show the overall Fedora 10 License Information.  Read the License Information and if you want to know more about the license information and license agreement please visit the Fedora 10 License Agreement on Fedora Official web site as state on the License Information screen. 


Fedora 10 License

Fedora 10 License Information License Agreement

Screen:  Fedora 10 License Information

Thank you for installing Fedora.  Fedora is a compilation of software packages, each under its own license.  The compilation is made available under GNU General Public License version 2.  There are no restrictions on using, copying, or modifying this code.  However, there are restrictions and obligations that apply to the redistribution of the code, either in its original or a modified form.  Among other things, those restrictions/obligations pertain to the licensing of the redistribution, trademark rights, and export control.


If you would like to understand what those restrictions are, please visit http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal/Licenses/LicenseAgreement.


Understood, please proceed.


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