032 Create User on Fedora 10 System


Create User on Fedora 10 System


   Then the FirstBoot configuration or Setup Agent continue with Create User account for Fedora 10 system (for non administrative user/normal user account).  Please create new user account by filling the Username, Full Name, Password and Confirm Password on the text box provided on this screen.  You need to remember this new username and password (user account) since start from fedora 10.. you not allow to login as root user on Gnome/KDE GUI screen anymore...  or might consider to do some tweaking to override the default setting to allow you to login as root user on Fedora 10.


Fedora 10 Create User Screen

Fedora 10 Create User Screen



Screen:  Create User

It is recommended that you create a 'username' for regular (non-administrative) use of your system.  To create a system 'username', please provide the information request below.


Username:         _________________________

Full Name:        _________________________

Password:         _________________________

Confirm Password: _________________________


If you need to use network authentication, such as Kerberos or NIS, please click the Use Network Login button.


Action: Click the 'Forward' button to proceed after fill all the information need to create user for Fedora 10 system