Step by step how to configure the computer bios setup to change computer boot sequence to boot from cd rom drive.


Step-by-step how to set the computer, boot sequence to boot from installation media.


   BIOS ROM (Basic Input Output System) has a built in Setup program that allows users to modify the basic system configuration. The Setup program store the computer information in CMOS RAM that is powered by a little battery that is located on the computer motherboard so that it will retain the computer information even if the computer is turned off.


   To make computer to start or to boot from the CD-ROM, we need to configure the Bios Setup or CMOS Setup program and set the first boot sequence to CD-ROM drive.


How to enter the BIOS / CMOS Setup Program Utility.


1. When the computer power on, black screen appear on you monitor, wait until the message appears briefly at the bottom of the screen.


example of the massage at the bottom of the computer boot up screen:






Press F2 to enter SETUP, F12 for Network Boot, ESC for Boot Menu



2. From the boot up screen message above, we know that the key need to press to enter the BIOS setup is [F2] key. Now press [F2] key to enter the setup program. This key may be vary from one machine to other machine, because this is key base on the manufacture of the BIOS Setup program.


Note: Other key that commonly used to enter the CMOS setup (BIOS setup)


Delete key.

Esc key.

F1 key.

F2 key.

F3 and F2 key.

F10 key.

Ctrl + Alt + Esc key.

Ctrl + Alt + S key.


How to change the boot sequence.


3. Press [F2] key until you see the BIOS Setup Utility screen, then go to the Boot Option tab then change the Boot sequence to CD-ROM drive as the first boot device.


NOTE: Use the < + > key to move the CD-ROM Drive up. Make sure that you read help menu on or blow the window screen


BIOS Setup Utility: Boot sequence option

*click picture to enlarge*

Item Specific Help

Key used to view or configure devices:

< Enter > expends or collapses devices with a + or -

< Ctrl + Enter > expands all

< Shift + 1 > enables or disables a device.

< + > and < - > moves the device up or down.

< n > May move removable device between Hard Disk or Removable Disk

< d > Remove a device that is not installed.


3. Save the configurations changes and exit the BIOS Setup / CMOS Setup Utility by pressing the [F10] and then hit [ENTER] key to 'Save configuration changes and exit now?'.


BIOS Setup Utility: Save boot sequence configuration and Exit setup

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Item Specific Help

Exit System Setup and save your changes to CMOS.


NOTE: Press [ F10 ] key to Save all the CMOS changes and Exit the BIOS / CMOS Setup Utility.


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i need HELP

i have a 24 gb ram computer, I 7 processor, 5 hard drive computer. built from tailand/florida. i guy that usually helps me out with this problem is never picking up.

when i put my external hard drive in computer and forget to take it out before i turn off computer and then i turn my computer back on, it always comes up with "No Medium" and i press delete alot to get to bios set up utility and then i am stuck. there is a certain method to fix the hard drive on my computer, but i do not know hoe=w to fix it.

please help. 360-335-7979

ps: i have many files on the computer and i "do not" want to loose them


have you try bios upgrade?

have you try bios upgrade?