Change root password for Linux Fedora Core in runlevel 1.


Change root password for Linux Fedora Core in runlevel 1.


   How to recover password in Linux system, this article show the step by step to recover and change root password for Linux Fedora Core operating system.  "Lost root password", do not panic if you forget to most important password for your Linux system. Yes! Password must be secure but what if you cannot remember the root password when you need it the most.


   Why the root password is most important in Linux system? The answer to this question is… “ you can reset any Linux user password if you have the root password, but not otherwise “ and without the root user account you cannot administer your Linux system.


How can I recover and change root password on my Linux system.


1. The most important thing is “ do not panic ”, Try use the password that you usually used ( e.g your mail password).


2. If you still cannot recover your root password, then you have to boot your Linux machine and enter the runlevel 1 for single user mode, how to do this?:


A).  Power on your Linux Fedora Core Machine.


Fedora core 6 grub screen


B).  When the GRUB screen appear, press any key on the keyboard, this procedure is used to display the operating system menu that you want to boot into.


Operating system menu - grub


C).  Then Select the Linux Fedora Core that you want to change the root password using the ‘up’ + ‘down’ arrow keys. Press ‘e” key to edit the boot command.


Display selected kernel - grub


D).  Again use the up + down arrow keys to highlight the kernel

      (e.g kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet )

       then press “e” key to enter the GRUB edit mode.


runlevel 1 rhgb quite


E).  Add the runlevel number that you want to boot into, the example below show that we add number “1” at the of that line to boot up Linux Fedora Core using runlevel 1 for single user mode.

(e.g kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6 ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet 1 )

you can use:

<space> 1

<space> S


<space> single

Then press ‘Enter’ key to apply the changes and exit the GRUB edit screen.


grub screenshot


F).  Press the “b” key to start the boot up process of Linux Fedora Core in the runlevel 1 mode. (single user mode)


grub booting the linux kernel


3. After completing the boot up process in runlevel 1, the Fedora Core give you the shell screen that ready to be use…. Notice that hash sign ( # ) on the screen… this usually indicate that the current user is root user.


fedora core 6 single user mode


4. To change the password for root; use the Linux ‘passwd’ command, see example below:


sh-3.1# passwd    [<-- Type in 'passwd' command and hit Enter key]

Changing password for user root.

New UNIX password:

BAD PASSWORD: it is too simplistic/systematic

Retype new UNIX password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

sh-3.1# reboot      [<-- Type in 'reboot' command and hit Enter key to start reboot your PC]


5. Then after the reboot process complete, login to your Fedora Core Linux and use the new root password.


Note: if something like passwd: Authentication token lock busy message display on the screen execute command below:

sh-3.1# mount -o remount, rw /    [<-- Then hit the Enter key]

and then execute the password command again:

sh-3.1# passwd   



Change password - Change current password.


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