Change or reset user password on Linux Fedora Core.


Change or reset user password on Linux Fedora Core.


   Using graphical and command base tools to change user password or reset user password.  Every user that use your Linux system must have their own password in order to use the system.  Sometimes user want to change their password and sometimes this user cannot remember their own password.  This article show step by step on how to change password user password and how can system admin/root can reset the user password in Linux Fedora Core system.


To change user password (root):


   If you are the root user ( the system administer ) you can change and reset every user password in the system.  Below is the step by step example how the root user can reset the user password.



1. Log in as root user.

2. Open the x-terminal ( Applications -> Accesories -> Terminal ).

3. Type in the 'passwd' command and follow with the user login name.


change user password

figure: user_manage/passwd.png


[root@fedora ~]# passwd david

Changing password for user david.

New UNIX password:

BAD PASSWORD: it is too short

Retype new UNIX password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

[root@fedora ~]#


NOTE: The example above show that the david is the login name for user david, and the root user change the david user password using 'passwd' command.  The Warning message " BAD PASSWORD: it is too short " show that the current password is not a good (e.g. dictionary base words, keyboard sequence, using user login name as an password or password less then six characters) password (only the root user allow to use the bad password :-)).  Then you need to keep retype the same password again... please note that nothing happen when you type in the password, this is due to security precaution.


INFO:  You can use the 'passwd' command without specifying any username to change the password for current user that login on this case you can change the root password.


Change user password using system-config-users the graphical interface user management tool (root).


   The 'system-config-users' is the graphical user manager tools that come with the Linux fedora Core.  Using the system-config-users, the system adminin/root user can manage user acoount in the sysytem, this include resetting the user password.  Below is the step by step procedure to change user password on your Fedora Core system.



1. Log in as root user.

2. Go to System menu button (on the Panel) -> Administration -> and click on Users and Groups, or you can open the x-terminal (x-term/GNOME terminal) and type in 'system-config-users' to open the graphical User Manager.:



figure: user_manage/sys_con_users.png


[root@fedora ~]# system-config-users &

[1] 3753

[root@fedora ~]#


3.  Choose, then click to highlight the 'user name' that you want to change password, then click the 'Properties' button.


user manager

figure: user_manage/user_manager.png


Note: The example above show that the 'fedora' user name is highlighted.


4.  On the 'User Properties' windows, and on the 'User Data' tab there is 'password' and Confirm Password' text box.  To change user password; enter the new password on the box provided.


user properties

figure: user_manage/user_properties.png


User Change their own Password using passwd command.


   Every Linux user have own right to change their own password but cannot change other users password.  The 'passwd' command, issues by current user that login automatically prompt the current user to change their login password.  Below is the step by step procedure to change user current password.


Using text base command:

1. Log in and open terminal or x-terminal.

2. Type in 'passwd' command on the shell prompt (terminal)


[david@fedora ~]$ whoami


[david@fedora ~]$ passwd

Changing password for user david.

Changing password for david

(current) UNIX password:

New UNIX password:

Retype new UNIX password:

passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

[david@fedora ~]$


NOTE: In order to change password the user have to enter the current password and then type in new password.  User must make sure that the new password is good password (any combination of character letters and number and must be at least 6 characters long ).


User change own password using graphical tool (user).


   Fedora Core include with the graphical software tools to change their current password.  Using this graphical tool, user can open the graphical 'userpasswd' software tool and then change their own password.  The step by step procedure below explain on how to change the user password using the 'userpasswd' interface.


1. Log in and open x-terminal.

2. Execute 'userpasswd' command.



figure: user_manage/user_passwd.png


[fedora@fedora ~]$ userpasswd &

[1] 7951

[fedora@fedora ~]$


3.  Key in your current password in the box provided and click OK button.

change password for user

figure: user_manage/current_password.png


4.  Key in new password that you want to use to log in to the system an then click OK button.  Note:  This 'New Unix password' window only appear when you key in right password in above procedure.

nwe password

figure: user_manage/new_password.png


5.  Retype the new password and click OK button.

retype password

figure: user_manage/retype_passwd.png


6.  The information dialog box appear to inform the user that the user password updated.

password information update

figure: user_manage/password_update.png




Change root password

Adding User Account


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