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Remove Fedora kernel


Step by step how to remove Fedora kernel


   The example below show step by step how to remove Fedora kernel.  On this step by step example we start from login on Fedora system and end up with the command to remove unwanted kernel from the Fedora system



1.  Login on your Fedora box.  Open x terminal by go to Activities -> Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal



Fedora install caching dns server


Fedora install caching dns server (caching-nameserver).


   The step by step below show example on how to install caching-nameserver on Fedora Linux.  This example execute using on Fedora 15 server that configure to be caching dns server (caching nameserver) for local network.


Install caching dns server example:


1.  Log in on your Linux machine, and then su - to make sure you have sufficient privileges (root privileges) to install caching-nameserver.

Squid Block IP Address


Squid Block IP Address client


   The configuration example below show how you can instruct squid server to block IP Address (internal user IP Address) from using your squid proxy server.  The configuration example below show that you can block user by using their IP Address or you can instruct squid to block all IP Address ranges.


Step to block IP Address.


1.  login on your Linux Fedora system.


Step by step Install Setup and Configure Linux Fedora Core Server and Network Management with Screen Shot and Example.


Install, Setup and Configure Linux Fedora Network Server and Using Network Management Tools with Screenshot and Example.


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