List of graphical Linux tools for system administration and system configuration available on Fedora Core operating system.


Configure Fedora with Graphical Configuration and Administrative Tools.


   List of Fedora Core Linux graphical user interface and text base interface for Fedora administration and configuration tools on Linux Fedora Core operating system. These tools could be useful for day to day setup and configuration procedure.


Fedora Graphical Administrative and Configuration Tools that available on your Linux desktop:

  • Install webmin - Step by step install webmin on Fedora 10 (webmin is an web base interface Unix Linux system administration).

  • neat

  • firstboot

  • system-cdinstall-helper - Tool to manage installation / removing software using Fedora Core installation disc.

  • Add/Remove Software - Some say Pirut, some say Package Manager... the useful graphical configuration tool to manage software installation and software removal on Fedora 8.

  • system-config-authentication

  • system-config-bind

  • system-config-bind-gui

  • system-config-boot

  • system-config-date

  • system-config-display

  • system-config-httpd - Configure Apache web server using system-config-httpd on Fedora 11 the overview.

  • system-config-keyboard

  • system-config-kickstart

  • system-config-language

  • system-config-lvm

  • system-config-network

  • system-config-network-cmd

  • system-config-network-gui

  • system-config-network-tui

  • system-config-nfs

  • system-config-packages

  • system-config-printer

  • system-config-rootpassword

  • system-config-samba

  • system-config-firewall (system-config-securitylevel) - The graphical user interface for basic Fedora firewall management and configuration tools.

  • system-config-firewall-tui (system-config-securitylevel-tui) - Text base and command line user interface for basic configuration of Fedora firewall.

  • system-config-services

  • system-config-soundcard

  • system-config-time

  • system-config-users

  • system-control-network

  • system-install-packages

  • system-switch-mail

  • system-switch-mail-nox

  • setup

  • smolt - Show hardware information and driver on Fedora 10 using smolt hardware profiler.

  • ntsysv tool - Simple interface to configure services for start up runlevels on Linux Fedora.

  • lshw -X / lshw-gui - Show hardware device information properties using lshw.


   List of Fedora Linux Graphical Application Tools on Fedora GNOME Desktop.

  • nautilus - Graphical view the list of file and directory on Linux system (just look like windows explorer).

  • gcal - calculator.

  • gedit - text editor.

  • gnome-system-log - Graphical Gnome System Log viewer, the desktop utility to view system log files on Linux Fedora system.


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What about Bind GUI?

I am looking for some GUI for Bind, any recommendations?

Thanks in advance