Update Fedora


Update Fedora for Patch and BugFix using yum


   How to update Fedora? and why we need to update Fedora regularly? When you install Fedora... the software that install inside the system may contain bug or not working correctly as expected... the software manufacture or people that make the software realize and aware that their software not working as attended... they then make some adjustment to fix the issue with their software.. then release the fix... and sometimes the fix or bugfix come with the enhancement to their software... please make a note that the bugfix not only make the software function properly but sometimes this bugfix address security issue that can harm your Fedora and the user that use the system.  This is the main reason that you must, or you need to regularly update Fedora system.  How to update Fedora? Just follow the step by step below that show you the simple step how to update Fedora using yum software manager on Fedora system.


The step by step Update Fedora.  


The step by step update Fedora below use Linux command to update the Fedora system... so you may need to login on the system and then follow step below.


1.  Open Linux Fedora shell terminal by going to Applications menu > System Tools > and click on Terminal


2.  Issue yum command as show on example below to update Fedora system, and please enter the root password when prompted.

Update Fedora for Patch and BugFix using yum

[fedora12@linux ~]$ su -c "yum -y --skip-broken update"


Loaded plugins: presto, refresh-packagekit

Setting up Update Process

Resolving Dependencies

--> Running transaction check

---> Package ConsoleKit.i686 0:0.4.1-3.fc12 set to be updated

---> Package ConsoleKit-libs.i686 0:0.4.1-3.fc12 set to be updated

---> Package ConsoleKit-x11.i686 0:0.4.1-3.fc12 set to be updated

---> Package DeviceKit-power.i686 0:014-1.fc12 set to be updated

---> Package GConf2.i686 0:2.28.0-4.fc12.2 set to be updated

---> Package GConf2-gtk.i686 0:2.28.0-4.fc12.2 set to be updated

---> Package ModemManager.i686 0:0.3-13.git20100507.fc12 set to be updated


3.  Please note that some Fedora Update may require you to log out or reboot your Fedora system to apply new bugfix or apply enhance features to your Fedora software package.


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