Display calendar with cal command.


Display calendar with cal command.


Using the cal command to display calendar of current month and year. With cal command you could also display future and previous month or year calendar.  To display calendar just type cal and hit the Enter key on the keyboard... and waaalaaa.... you get your self pretty darn calendar of current month and you also can see that the current date is highlighted. The example below show the execution of cal command.


1. The cal command execute without any option give you current month with the current date highlighted.


        [root@fedora ~]# cal


cal command to display calendar.


2. To display a year calendar, just execute cal command with the year that you want to display.


        [root@fedora ~]# cal 2007


Calendar year 2007


3.  The example below show how to get the calendar on August 1973, my bro birth date :-)....


        [root@fedora ~]# cal 8 1973


Calendar August 1973


Syntax of cal command: cal [[month] year]



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