Enable Fedora Firewall Configuration


Enable and Configure Fedora Firewall - Basic Configuration.


   Below article show step by step to invoke the graphical Fedora Firewall configuration tools and then configure fedora firewall basic setting and then enable the Firewall on Fedora system.


   To reconfigure the setting of Fedora firewall you need to start by opening  the Fedora Firewall setting. 


[root@fedora ~]# /usr/bin/system-config-firewall

[root@fedora ~]#




[root@fedora ~]# /usr/bin/system-config-securitylevel

[root@fedora ~]#


or go to menu bar, System -> Administration -> Firewall...

open fedora firewall menu

The Firewall Configuration Startup box display the information and warning massage on basic Firewall configuration and setting. 

firewall configuration startup


Click Close button on Firewall Configuration Startup window box.

firewall configuration


To start the basic firewall configuration, click on the Wizard button near menu bar, to open Firewall Configuration Wizard window.

fedora firewall wizard setting button


1. Firewall Configuration Wizard: Preface - Display the information about the firewall configuration wizard.  Click Forward button to continue.

fedora firewall configuration wizard


2. Firewall Configuration Wizard: Basic Firewall Settings - Display the network access setting, choose "System with network access", and then click on Forward button to continue.  Note: there is no need for you to configure any firewall if your system not connected to any network.

fedora basic firewall setting


3. Firewall Configuration Wizard: Network Settings - choose "Up to one" or "More than one" from drop down box, then click on Forward button to continue.  My suggestion, choose "Up to one" setting for personal computer.

firewall network setting


4. Firewall Configuration Wizard: User Skill Level - For firewall skills level you can choose from the drop down box "Beginner" or "Expert" base on your knowledge and skill level on firewall rules and networking configuration.   Then click on Forward button to continue.

firewall user skill level


4. Firewall Configuration Wizard: Configuration - Delete the current Fedora Firewall configuration by tick on the Clean up Configuration check box.  Then click Ok button to proceed.

clear firewall configuration


To save the basic firewall configuration setting click on the Apply button on menu bar.

basic firewall setting example


Click on the Yes button to confirm that you want to save the firewall configuration file.

override firewall setting


fedora firewall


Note: All the configuration of the firewall setting will be save on the configuration file after you click the Apply button.  To view the firewall configuration file, execute command below:

[root@fedora ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/iptables


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