Open X Terminal Shell on Fedora 10


Open X Terminal Shell on Fedora 10


   The step by step example below show you how to open Linux shell terminal on Fedora 10 desktop.  The X terminal is what they call for Linux shell terminal inside the Graphical Interface User Desktop.  What the X terminal for??? Yup... when you are in Linux desktop environment (GUI Desktop) everything that you done is by the click of your mouse... but what if the you need to execute Linux command? but in the same time, not leaving the Linux Desktop that you are currently in... there... the X Terminal comes in rescue... open X Terminal and start type in your Linux command.


Where to find X Terminal on Linux Fedora 10 Desktop?


1.  Click on Application button Linux Fedora 10 Application menu button on the Fedora 10 menu bar.


2.  Point your mouse pointer to System Tools button Linux Fedora 10 System Tools button


3.  Then to Terminal Fedora 10 terminal button


4.  Click on the Terminal button to open the X terminal on Fedora 10 desktop.

Application System Tools and Terminal on Fedora 10 desktop


5  The figure below show the example Linux X Terminal on Linux Fedora 10 desktop, you can start enter and execute Linux command on the X Terminal on Linux Graphical Desktop.

Linux Fedora 10 shell X terminal


6.  The view Linux X Terminal (shell terminal) on Linux Fedora 10 Desktop, click image below to view large version on Linux Fedora 10 desktop below.

Linux Fedora 10 Desktop


Please note that: This step by step example are tested on Linux Fedora 10 system...


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