Linux Windows Computer Install Setup and Configuration Project contains: Step by step Linux Online Courses Linux training Linux System Management tutorials notes with installation screenshot, configuration example, installation configuration, setup configure manage and troubleshoot Linux and Windows computer.

Linux Training and Windows Install Setup Configuration Project with Screenshot and Example.


The Documentation Project on Linux Fedora and Windows operating system.


Linux Training and Windows Install Setup Configuration Project is aim to document step-by-step, setup procedure, configuration, technical note, using Linux command, how to use specific Linux command and purpose of Linux command with example. Operating System used in this project are GNU / Linux Fedora Core and Windows 2000, the process, procedure, command, script and screenshot mainly came from this two Operating system.


Linux and Windows Install Setup Configuration Project is aim to document step-by-step:


  • setup procedure

  • server configuration

  • client site configuration

  • administration step

  • administration procedure

  • technical note

  • using command

  • basic Linux command and basic Unix command

  • how to use Linux specific command and

  • purpose of command presented with step by step example


All of the configuration and testing publish on the site documentation is done in educational computer laboratory and aim to be same or to simulate a real life operational system, before the actual system could be deploy.


The project mainly used, GNU / Linux Fedora Core and Windows 2000 family Operating System. The process, procedure, command, script, screen shot, print screen and screen capture mainly came from this two Operating system.


All Linux command use in this documentation project is executed on Gnu Linux Fedora Core distribution using bash shell. The Linux commands usually located in /bin/ , /usr/bin/ , /sbin/ directory, and some of the example shown require root privilege in order to execute.


This project done, execute and tested on Computer Laboratory that is use for Education Purpose Only, and because of that some of the note, project or documentations publish on this site may or may not apply on the real world.


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