002 Fedora 13 Test Installation Disc


Fedora 13 Test Installation Disc


   Then the Fedora 13 installation screen prompt you with the option to check Fedora installation media (Fedora disc) - test installation media.  To make sure that your Fedora disc or Fedora installation media is good for installation, make sure you check or test the installation disk first.  This media checking procedure is just to make sure that your installation disk is good for the installation purposes, you do not need to check the disc every time you need to install Fedora with the same disk.  If you already test the installation disc, you may skip the Fedora disk checking procedure by using keyboard 'Tab' key to go to 'Skip' button and hit 'Enter' key bypass the media test procedure.  On this step by step Fedora 13 installation article we start from test installation media so, on this screen just hit 'Enter' key on OK button to start test installation media. 


Fedora 13 Test Installation Disc Screenshot

Fedora 13 Test Installation Disc Screenshot

Fedora 13: Disc Found

To begin testing the media before installation process press OK.

Choose Skip to skip the media test and start the installation.


<Tab>/<Alt-Tab> between elements | <Space> selects | <F12> next screen


Action:  Hit 'Enter' key on 'OK' button to proceed with the Fedora media test