017 Writing Partition to Disk


Writing Partition to Disk


   After you click on the 'Next' button, on the previous step.. the Fedora 10 installation program start to partition hard disk, but before the installation program start to make any changes to your hard disk... this warning message appear to make sure that you really want to create partition on the hard disk.  Click on the Write changes to disk if you sure that you need to partition and format the selected hard disk and install Fedora 10... (Note: All data on selected hard disk will be deleted after you click Write changes to disk button) or click on Go back button to edit and change the partitions layout ones again.


Start Writing Partition to Disk

Fedora 10 Writing Partition to Disk

Screen:  Writing partitioning to disk

The partitioning options you have selected will now be written to disk.  Any data on deleted or reformatted partitions will be lost.

Click on 'Write changes to disk' to proceed with the installation process