Step by Step Install Fedora 10 Installation Screenshot


Step by Step Install Fedora 10 Screenshot


   The Linux Fedora 10 installation screenshot below is taken on the process of installing Linux Fedora 10 operating system.  In order to install Fedora 10 for server or workstation, we have to go the process of downloading the Linux Fedora 10 disk (Fedora 10 DVD or Fedora 10 CDs), then please check sha1sum file integrity of your downloaded Fedora 10 installation image before you can burn the Fedora 10 installation image to CDs or DVD disk.  Then this article going guides you to the installation process of Fedora 10.


Welcome to Fedora 10 installation menu screenshot


Start install Fedora 10... Insert the Fedora 10 installation DVD or CD on the DVD drive or CD Rom drive.  Reboot your computer system and change bios boot sequence so that your computer start with on cd rom or dvd rom as first on the bios boot sequence. The screenshot below show the Linux Fedora 10 installation boot screen... The Welcome to Fedora 10 installation menu screen

Welcome to Fedora 10 installation menu screen

Fedora 10 installation menu screen... to start install fedora 10, choose the option that suite your system setting... for these installation purpose we choose the 'Install or upgrade an existing system' to install Linux Fedora 10 system.

Menu option:  Welcome to Fedora 10

Install or upgrade an existing system

Rescue installed system

Boot from local drive

Memory test

Hit 'Enter' key to proceed


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Can anyone explain complete process of all boot customization in fedora 15. because i need it very urgent.

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